Welcome to NIETMANN'S restaurant.

Our menu is small and simple with a clear structure.

We traditionally cook German and international dishes, which we interpret in a modern way or combine differently.

We create them with love, care and individually according to seasonal offers.

Fresh and homemade and when a dish is over, it's over ...

We never have chips, burgers and pizza on our menu.

We only work with small manufacturing companies from the region. We manufacture our soups, pastes, broths and all basic products ourselves so that only the best comes to your plate.

Our restaurant is the ideal setting for a romantic evening for two.

We look forward to seeing you!

Since we prepare our dishes freshly, there may be waiting times when the number of guests increases.

In addition to the gastronomic focus as a restaurant, Nietmanns combines design, its own art and selected music playlists to form an overall audiovisual concept that aims to offer its visitors an atmosphere for all the senses.

NIETMANN`S Food | Art | entertainment is a project by Heike Mühlegg and Jürgen Nietmann.


RESERVATION FOR DINNER - PHONE  0049 8362 923 73 11




Lillet Blanc , Ginger Ale , Limettensaft , Limette  - 6.90


Lillet Rose, Tonic, Limette - 6.90


Lillet Rouge, Bitter Lemon, Limette - 6.90

SOUP OF THE DAY - Appetizer 5.9 | Main course 7.9

NIETMANN`S BRUSCHETTA  (for 2) Roasted bread, tomato, homemade pesto with only a little garlic - 9.9

UNSER BUNTER TELLER FÜR 2 - with grilled seasonal vegetables, tomatoes, sheep cheese, sous-vide cooked turkey breast, various, homemade chutneys, bread basket, in short: a bit of everything - 16.9

THREE LEADS OF KNÖDEL Beetroot dumplings, bacon dumplings, spinach dumplings, melted butter Grana Pardano,

herbs - 14.9

PACCHERI NOODLES … The boss’s favorite dish with Paccheri pasta (giant macaroni), crunchy vegetables, pesto, tomatoes, grana pardano, herbs and either tuna or chicken fillet  - 15.90

DER SAURE LUDWIG  (sweet - sour ragout from beef)   In Germany, especially in the Rhineland, Sauerbraten is considered the par excellence meal. Some of the Rhinelanders claim that the origin and development are attributed to (unconfirmed) Roman influences. We have modified this dish and use beef ragout (roughly cut beef goulash), which is marinated for 3 days with red wine, red wine vinegar, plums, herbs and spices and then braised briefly. The meat is very tender and juicy. We serve semolina cuts from corn and durum wheat. - 19.9

LEMON CHICKEN - Lemon Chicken is the name of several dishes found in kitchens around the world, including chicken and lemon as the main ingredient. We have modified and interpreted this dish. The chicken breast fillet is vacuum-cooked together with limes and spices and then cooked in a water bath. Thanks to the cooking process, the meat remains particularly tender and takes on the aromas very well. There are also various vegetables, rice, caramelized fruit and - served separately - a lime and coconut sauce. In addition to the Tandoori Style Chicken, our “newcomer” is already one of the most popular international dishes. But, try it yourself ... - 18.9

TANDOORI STYLE CHICKEN - This dish has been modified from the Indian "Tanduri Masala". The Tandur / Tandoori (round clay oven with charcoal) is used in India for the flat bread and the Tanduri skewer. We spice up spicy-marinated poultry fillet and vegetables, quench them with coconut water and reduce them. The dish is garnished with black sesame, roasted cashew crumble, herbs (chives, pertersilie) and yoghurt. We serve basmati rice.
The Tandoori Style Chicken is one of our most popular international dishes - 17.9 |

HAPPY BUDDHA VEGGIE - The vegetarian version of the Tandoori Style Chicken:
Spicy-hot fried vegetables, marinated lentils and coconut milk, black sesame seeds, herbs and yoghurt, served with basmati rice *
(this dish is vegan without yogurt) - 15.9 |

RIB-EYE - STEAK / ENTRECOTE from the 850 ° high performance grill 24.9 |
from the Allgäu beef, EXTRA: buttered baked potato 4.5  |  salad with elderberry - orange mustard dressing   3.9

CHOCOLATE CAKE - with liquid chocolate core and whipped cream (A, F, G) - Chocolate cake with wipped cream - 7.9 |

HOMEMADE CHEESECAKE – just delicious– 4.9 |

MARILLENKNÖDEL – three dumplings filled with apricot- 8.5